We are so happy that you have visited our sponsorship page. Our desire is to provide leadership details for ALL students.

Whether you would like to provide a full or partial sponsorship to a teen or donate to fulfill any of the conference needs for the students, it will all be appreciated!

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Schelastic Education Center (SEC)

SEC is focused on enabling students to become independent and collaborative learners. We are grooming the next generation by promoting true individuality in every student and expanding the educational experience by infusing the learning process with a flexible curriculum. This type of customized program creates a platform to perfect gifts and talents, remediate weaknesses, and continually build upon and celebrate successes. 

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With help from NXTGEN…Youth Leadership Development LLC, your child can excel, rise, and thrive. Be it through speaking engagements or individual coaching and mentoring, we offer learning programs made to nurture the leader within them and inspire them to make a positive change in the world we live in. Our services are available to clients across the United States

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The Educator’s Light

The Educator’s Light helps inspire others, encourage, and share truth and ideas about education in today’s environment. Our kids are worth every effort. Stay in the light.