Our Belief In This Generation

Boy in Library

The conference planning and organization is well underway. We want to take the time out to share our thoughts and our why for this conference. We truly believe in this generation. As cliche as it may sound, they are the future–of our neighborhoods, communities, societies, and world. However, one thing in centuries has not changed and that is the need for adequate training and support.

Girl Texting

6th-9th grade is an amazing but challenging developmental phase. Students at this age are teachable, excited, and reachable. Along with this, it can be a very insecure and confusing time. These students hold so much promise and powerful potential, but need guidance as they navigate the waters of modern day society. We plan not only to help them sail the waves, but to go to the next level and step out of the boat to positively impact their world as leaders. The time is now.

We look forward to seeing you there!